Upcoming Webcasts

  • Going Paperless: How to Do It and What You Will Gain

    Paper-based processes consume time, and limited resources keep government agencies from fulfilling their missions of providing the best service to customers and constituents. Transitioning to digital can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn practical strategies to go paperless. 10/18/2018

  • Threats, Fraud and Identity Theft: Keeping Credentials Safe and Secure

    Conversations about identity security cover a broad range of topics, from the physical credentials in use today to the next generation of digital identities. Protecting against threats to identity security requires collaboration from multiple jurisdictions and security experts. In this webinar, we will look at fraudsters’ attempts to replicate or tamper with driver’s licenses and state issued IDs – both in the physical format and as digital IDs. We will outline best practices for managing digital credentials and provide a roadmap for future planning. 10/11/2018


  • Apple vs. Dell: A Workstation Buyer's Checklist

    When buying a workstation, price-performance matters. But it’s not the only consideration. Also important is aligning features and capabilities with user applications and workloads. So are system optimization, expandability and support. While many buyers — especially in graphics, video and multimedia fields — might consider Apple’s iMac, iMac Pro and MacBook Pro models best suited to their needs, they may be selling themselves short in many ways. This paper provides a checklist for buyers to compare Apple’s newest high-end offerings with the latest Dell Precision workstations. Download this paper to learn more.

  • Modernizing The Federal IT Enterprise

    Water is essential to life, yet you can drown in it. Such is the paradox of big data. The relentless deluge of digital information surging into federal agencies threatens to overwhelm them. That data could also be agencies’ salvation. Contained within the vast and ever-enlarging seas of data are opportunities to streamline operations and dramatically advance agencies’ missions. In “Modernizing Federal IT,” learn about using technology to improve collaboration; IT and managed services; going mobile to full advantage; and the next-generation data center.

  • In the Cloud, Managing Identity can be a Breeze

    Until recently, agencies have been slow to move identity management of network users from on-premise processes to cloud-based solutions. That is changing. As agencies modernize and migrate more of their operations to cloud environments, identity management is finding its place in the cloud.

  • Optimizing Federal Data Center Operations and Management

    In this white paper you’ll learn the advantages of data center optimization, and a step by step process to get there. Also, how federal data center optimization can help improve agency efficiencies, lower costs, centralize and increase security, and scale for quicker, more robust performance.

  • IT Consolidation: What's Next for Government Modernization Initiatives?