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  • 07/25/2016
  • 07/25/2016


  • Smart Mobility: Finding Flow For Government Agencies

    Mobile technology can enable a more responsive, efficient government agency - one more productive both inside and outside the office and better able to skillfully access and improve service through data.

  • Goodbye Perimeter, Hello World: How secure is your agency mobility

    Protecting government’s mobile devices, networks and data has never been more challenging – or more important. Digital transformation and IT modernization can only grow on a foundation of trust, security, privacy and reliability. Simply protecting a network’s perimeter is no longer sufficient. What’s needed is a comprehensive, end-to-end security solution.

  • Snapshot: Thwarting the "Black Tie" Cyber Threat

    Attacks on IT systems and networks are increasing in number and sophistication, and government has fallen behind. To neutralize the threat, the government will need to update policies governing security, rethink the security aspect of contracting, cultivate a security mindset that is commensurate with the threat and incorporate security into business practices.

  • Making VR Real: A 2018 Report on the Business Impact Report

    To help reveal what the real-world implications of using VR within your business are, Qualtrics–in association with Dell–has surveyed 500 business decision makers (BDMs) around the world during April 2018, who were either currently working on a VR project, or who had already completed one. These are the people making VR real. And our aim was simple: we wanted to go beyond the buzz, and find out the financial benefits, pitfalls, and business considerations, when it comes to implementing virtual reality within your organization.

  • Buyers Guide: Apple v. Dell Precision Workstations