Upcoming Webcasts

  • On Demand Webcast: How the Cloud Can Power Health and Human Services Modernization

    Federal funding requirements and interagency objectives have propelled agencies to move forward with data sharing initiatives. Individual jurisdictional systems must be able to talk to one another, and ensure that data can easily move across these systems. Health IT solutions' are needed to streamline administration and reduce costs, to manage both care and care givers and support data sharing. For many states, the way forward is an incremental path of modernization. 01/31/2019

  • Going Paperless: How to Do It and What You Will Gain

    Paper-based processes consume time, and limited resources keep government agencies from fulfilling their missions of providing the best service to customers and constituents. Transitioning to digital can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn practical strategies to go paperless. 10/18/2018


  • Retooling Engagement: New solutions help State and Local Agencies to refine the user experience

    Background: The Tennessee DHS provides temporary economic assistance, work opportunities and protective services that improve state residents' quality of life. Challenge: A large-scale employee buyout and a hiring freeze reduced DHS's workforce at a time when the volume of Tennessee residents seeking services increased dramatically. Call center wait times surpassed two hours during peak usage and complaints increased by 275 percent. Responses to email requests by clients took several days, on average.

  • Rugged Mobility: 4 Mission Critical Requirements to Keep Remote Workers Productive

    To provide users with complete ruggedized solutions, devices need much more than extremely reliable performance in harsh working conditions. They need security, manageability, support and, when required, readily available service. That way, remote workers can stay productive no matter where they are, what they’re doing or the conditions they face.

  • Get the Right Devices for Your Rugged and Field Environments

    People accomplish more with digital tools and workflows, and workforce transformation puts this concept into action by making sure employees have seamless, reliable access to the right IT—anytime, anywhere.

  • The Advantage of Deploying Dell Rugged PCs

    Rugged PCs, which are predominantly used for vertically aligned commercial computing needs, are designed to meet certain stability and reliability standards in harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, water, shock, and vibration. Deployed more like infrastructure than traditional commercial PCs in fields like law enforcement, fire and rescue, mining, and oil and gas exploration, rugged PCs are mission critical in these sectors where minimal downtime is a key competitive necessity and customer requirement.

  • Case Study – New York Uses Data to Transform Healthcare Delivery