Upcoming Webcasts

  • High Performance Computing: Fueling the Next Great Discovery

    It’s human nature to ask ever bigger questions and strive to solve ever more complex problems. High Performance Computing (HPC) is one more technological tool that can help us in that quest. HPC is pushing innovation of the next amazing achievement in science, engineering, healthcare, and education. 12/08/2016

  • Modernizing the IT Infrastructure in Government with IDaaS

    Decades-old legacy technology with heavy maintenance cost and increasing cybersecurity risk have left federal government in need of a change. Federal CIO Tony Scott has said recently that by spending more and more money each year on simply maintaining legacy systems, agencies “have missed multiple generations of advancements in technology.” The time is now to modernize. Attend this webinar to learn how to leverage cloud technologies to drive agency efficiencies and radically cut costs. 11/09/2016


  • Adopt Commercial Best Practices for Travel

    Despite a modest degree of automation and modernization, the steps federal government employees have to go through to make travel arrangements and then file vouchers is unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming. By adopting best practices already in use by private enterprise, federal government agencies can streamline processes, save money, increase visibility and efficiency, and improve the user experience for both the individual and agency administration.

  • Mobility Surge Raises Security Stakes

    Government agencies rely on mobile devices more than ever before. And it’s not just field operatives or inspectors. Agency staffers at all levels are being issued mobile devices. The challenge now for agencies is to ensure productivity and access to the tools they need to do their jobs; while at the same time ensuring those devices are truly secure. Security threats facing mobile devices continue to evolve, and so too must the security solutions and policies that protect those devices.

  • A Dangerous Cyber Convergence: Persistent Insiders, Evolving Adversaries

    Despite cybersecurity being a top priority, the government struggles to manage insider threats and rapidly evolving external threats. An overreliance on perimiter-based defenses is part of the problem. To regain control, agencies need to shift their focus to data security instead.

  • Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway: A Technical Overview

    The Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway transparently encrypts all data that is migrated from the enterprise data center to cloud storage. This paper provides a technical overview of the product, detailing the most significant components and describing operational aspects.

  • Mobile E-Signatures for Government