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Upcoming Webcasts

  • Cyber Threat Analysis: Shining a Light on the Dark Web

    Ever wonder what the "Deep and Dark Web" actually is? Hackers and fraudsters have embraced the Dark Web as a source of anonymity to enable their malicious activity. Dark Web sites have created their own economy where actors can buy and sell exploits, trade information, and coordinate attacks with ease. Get beyond the buzz words with this interesting presentation on both the strategic aspects of the Dark Web and some tactical examples of how to exploit it to improve your agency’s ability to identify, defend against and mitigate emerging cyber threats. 03/29/2016

  • Intro to Software-Defined Storage

    Unstructured data is created and consumed at an astounding rate by both consumers and enterprise users. Storage requirements are quickly outpacing storage capacity and budgets, which creates challenges for both government agencies and other public sector organizations. As IT shifts to on-demand consumption models, data content must be available anywhere, at any time, across any device. Red Hat Gluster Storage and Red Hat Ceph Storage are open source, scale-out software-defined storage solutions that provide an ideal platform for next-generation workloads with growing content stores. 02/24/2016


  • The New Mobile Workforce

    This white paper details the current state of the technology environment in the workplace as well as benefits and strategy of integrating mobile and BYOD products. It also offers suggestions on how to approach the build out of a fully secure, productive and mobile network. Download now to learn more.

  • Old PCs Put Your Business at Risk

    Protect against hackers by upgrading to new desktops featuring Intel’s hardware-enhanced security and supporting software. Innovative hardware enhancements, built into Intel®-powered desktops since mid-2013, “harden” key information and commands normally executed in software, giving your business maximum protection. Read this paper to learn what your organization can do to overcome security challenges.

  • Making the case for a PC refresh - Three reasons to upgrade to new client systems

    When considering an upgrade of client PCs, it’s important to consider more than just the initial cost of new systems. User needs are ever-evolving and you want to make client hardware choices today that will meet the mobility, productivity, and security needs of today’s on-the-go work environments. Read this paper to learn about the factors that contribute to total cost of ownership so you can build a business case for upgrading that moves beyond budget constraints to focus on value.

  • Agencies Capitalize on the Latest Tools for Mobile Security

    As federal agencies rely on an increasingly mobile workforce, IT and security managers need a multifaceted approach for securing information and devices outside of firewalls. Download this paper, to learn about the four keys to securing mobile workers: purchasing technology that meets stringent government requirements, protecting mobile endpoints, enhancing data protection, and strengthening network security.

  • Dell Tablets: A Winning Combination of PC Performance and Portability