Upcoming Webcasts

  • A Catalyst for Changing Government IT

    Ready to transform your organization? Welcome to Open Innovation Labs, an immersive, residency-style consulting engagement that helps your organization jump-start modern application development and catalyze innovation. Using open source technologies and principles, we’ll help you rapidly build prototypes, operate using DevOps principles, and adopt agile methodologies. You will walk away with a functioning prototype, and the methods, skills, and experience to drive transformation back within your teams. 03/21/2017

  • Dell & AppSense Facilitating Government Agency’s Upgrade to Windows 10 & VDI

    Government Agencies have a major task in 2017 to upgrade to Windows 10, while maintaining security and user productivity. Dell and AppSense are working together to offer you solutions that meet most common government security requirements e.g. NIST. 12/13/2016


  • Infographic: Time for a Load Balancer Upgrade?

    Government networking experts are moving away from traditional hardware-based architectures. In this infographic, we outline the critical success factors needed to future proof your agency’s application delivery control. Uncover the benefits of using a software-first architecture, including an improvement in security, increase in agility, and a reduction in operational overhead.

  • Dell EMC Isilon Cloud Pools

    Data is growing astronomically and that the majority of the growth comes from unstructured data. According to the EMC® sponsored IDC study on the Digital Universe1, the amount of unstructured data in 2020 is expected to be around 44 ZB. The Dell EMC Isilon® data lake is the key enabler to address the growing challenge to store, manage, protect, and analyze all this data of an enterprise.

  • 5 Reasons Why it’s Time to Upgrade Your Servers

    According to a recent report, not only does upgrading your server infrastructure on a regular schedule improve relative performance, consolidation, management efficiency, and reliability, but also can save organizations millions of dollars in capital and operating costs annually. In this white paper, you’ll take a look at five reasons why it’s time to upgrade your servers. Read on and learn how you can build a modern data center with server power that optimizes workloads and automates management.

  • Data Lake Architecture Assessment Tool

    Have you set up a storage infrastructure that is ready for growth, primed for data sharing and enables data insights? Take a few minutes to find out where you are at today, and what you should consider for tomorrow, in order to respond quickly to your organization's current and future data initiatives.

  • Control Costs, Meet Business Needs with the Next-Gen Data Center