Upcoming Webcasts

  • Hybrid Cloud Computing:
    The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Choosing how to build a hybrid cloud is perhaps the most strategic decision IT leaders will make this decade. It’s a choice that will determine their agency's competitiveness, flexibility, and IT economics for the next ten years. That's because, done right, a cloud delivers strategic advantages to the business by redirecting resources from lights-on to innovation. However, done wrong, cloud becomes just a modernized version of your siloed, non-resilient current data center. 09/13/2017

  • ‘Alexa, Ask GeorgiaGov’: Better Citizen Engagement with Amazon Echo and Drupal 7

    Sometimes being a well-informed citizen involves jumping through hoops, whether it's a chain of government hotlines or a series of website pages. Across the state of Georgia, government agencies are working tirelessly to ensure their citizens can easily access state government resources — from voter registration to getting their drivers’ license. 07/27/2017


  • Research Report: VDI Gains Ground with Room to Grow

    In a recent study by the 1105 Public Sector Media Group, over 115 federal, state and local government respondents were surveyed on their views and their agency’s experiences with VDI. Topics included VDI adoption status, IT challenges and strategies, implementation benefits, and hosting and purchasing preferences. Download this research report to gain access to the survey findings.

  • Defending Government Against Ransomware Attacks

    Ransomware and other threats to data security are serious concerns for any organization, but the stakes are higher and the risks are greater for government agencies. This paper details the current security challenges confronting government organizations, and provides insights on how a cloud sandbox can protect sensitive data from this 21st-century form of extortion.

  • Supporting Government Application Development through Digital Innovation

    Explore how to develop and maintain cloud-based applications with Red Hat. Using OpenShift Container Platform, developers can quickly and easily create applications on demand directly from the tools they use most. Learn more about additional features and benefits here.

  • The Skies Clear for the Cloud

    State and local agencies have made huge strides in their shift to the cloud over recent years to run applications, manage workloads and communications, and store and analyze massive amounts of data. However, not all agencies are completely forsaking on-premises infrastructure. Download this Market Insights Report to discover the findings from a recent survey conducted by GCN and Nutanix to explore the reasons some agencies are considering cloud for some functions and sticking with on-premises environments for others - and why.

  • Hyperconvergence Saves Money, Boosts Efficiency