Upcoming Webcasts

  • Hyperconvergence: Reducing Costs and Complexity in the Datacenter

    We know stakeholders, students, and citizens are all demanding more, putting even greater strain on an organization’s infrastructure and expertise. There’s no “one size fits all” solution to optimize data center efficiency. Can hyperconvergence help? 07/28/2016

  • Digital Services: Improving the Mobile User Experience

    Cloud and related solutions are transforming how federal agencies deliver digital services, enabling them to extend those services to wherever their users might be. Mobility is a big part of that transformation, because more and more users are accessing services through mobile devices. In this webcast, a federal IT official will discuss strategies for delivering content that is readily accessible by mobile users. 06/23/2016


  • Body Cameras Help Serve and Protect

    Supplementing investigations with video evidence is not a new facet of law enforcement. As video continues to cement itself as a valuable resource in the field and office, a natural extension of this technology and the value it provides is found in body-worn cameras.There is much in store for the future of video and law enforcement. The proliferation of body worn cameras has no end in sight and video from body cameras will be combined with that from static cameras (e.g. security, traffic, surveillance and CCTV cameras). Download this informative eBook to learn more!

  • Expediting Police Response

    Technology is an increasingly important weapon in law enforcement’s ongoing battle against crime. As criminal elements become more sophisticated, law enforcement agencies must endeavor to remain several steps ahead; which means increased use of things like body-worn cameras, video and data analytics, and cloud-based technologies. The most advanced agencies are planning to use or are already using these cutting edge technologies.

  • The Importance of Foundational Security in Public Sector Networks

    Across organizations from all sectors, the network is becoming more integral to daily operations. This is acutely felt by public sector organizations in the United States, namely federal, state, and local governmental organizations. Public sector organizations contend with the challenge of ensuring the security of highly sensitive data on the network in the midst of uncertain budgets and, in many cases, outdated infrastructure. At the same time, many public sector organizations grapple with a complex web of compliance protocols that must be supported on the network. This Analyst Connection explores the need for network infrastructure upgrades that include "foundational security."

  • Don't Risk IT Infographic

    Are you entrusting your organization’s crucial data to aging, end-of-life infrastructure? Don’t Risk IT! Cisco security-driven network offerings are built from concept to completion and include built-in security to protect sensitive data.

  • The New Look of Cyberdefense: Converged Infrastructure